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Mayra Andrea Kanne

Mayra is a German artist who settled in Sevilla(Spain). She started painting on silk 20 years ago when she was studying Art at Friburgh, a beautiful town in the south of Germany, near the black forest. All the mandalas that can be found in these pages have been painted on 100% satin silk. Silk provides paint with
a special brightness. The dye used is specifically designed for silk.
Our unconsciuousness is our best ally when choosing a mandala that suits us best. The mandala you like the most
or the one that attracts you spontaneously, is the one that suits you. The one that has the energy and the vibration
that benefits you or the person you are thinking of. Call me if you want to choose a personalized mandala.
Each mandala has an owner when I paint it. That’s why you can’t go wrong. 
Mandalas are ideographic systems used in many cultures throughout the World. Some of them are the Japanese,
hindu or Buddhist. They are used to express a series of universal and spiritual ideas.

Mandalas are therefore a circular representation in the manner of a sacred space. The best known mandalas are
those made by Tibetan monks on the floor with different coloured sand to destroy them once they finish them,
as a symbol of our ephemeral material world.
They are formed by a number of geometrical and symbolical coloured shapes. They can be used to help induce a state
of meditation, healing as well as to become energised. Just as mantras work - sounds that help us enter our inner
world and merge with the universe - mandalas try to help us through visual aid in a way similar to what we know as
subliminal messages that go straight into our inner memory. Meditation over a mandala involves internalizing as much
as we can to help us merge with Everything and understand Truth.  
They are painted on high quality satin silk with specific silk paint. These dyes require fixation through steam for about
three hours. Colours resulting in very intense shades. These mandalas should not be hung under direct sunlight.
Silk has a bright surface which enhances colours. These mandalas have been straightened out and
stuck onto a wooden board so you can frame them or hang them on a wall.
The blessing of Mayra’s mandalas is now in every room in my house. I have been waiting for years to know and feel
which colours and shape influence I wanted in my most intimate space to rest and find myself. When I first saw the
mandalas painted on silk I knew I had found what my soul needed, they are a lot more than mere decoration, they are
a message of real wisdom. 
There are four large mandalas in my house and I look at them every day to perceive their influence, day dream,
meditate and travel through the physiological colours they provoke in my eyes. I have sent Mayra messages thanking
her for her great work, for her choice of quality and the undoubtable command she has of her work. This art is healthy,
beautiful and active. My children look at them in amazement and I enjoy their magic quality.
I spend hours every day observing Nature and doing colour exercises through flowers and plants to portray their
beauty. After twenty years dedication I feel the need around me of art that reflects the strength of Mother Earth and
the Power of mankind to communicate with it. Thank you, Mayra, for your sensibility and high standards. I have paid
the material price for them, but my gratefulness is above that and cannot be measured.
 Ama Elsen                    
Mandalas... do not fear to repeat the word, are magic! We love them! They are real visual mantras to us! Both looked
great a our wedding, they represent us perfectly, they complemented the ceremony, people were fascinated by them.
The big one is mine and it complements the one Monica already had, it looks great in our bedroom, each one has its
place… they look awsome, each one of them is alive. We are really happy to have them, thank you for your art and
the magic quality you have brought into them. 
A few people have asked us where we have bought them and some of them asked us for your contact details, I hope
they do contact you and can enjoy the privilege of having one in the near future.
Gibran, Tenerife
I have some of Mayra’s mandalas around my house. I enjoy looking at them, I try them out in under different light and
change their setting before I actually hang them up in the right place. I make sure I have looked at them and brought
out the best in them, making he most of their possibilities. And I still wonder: Is it the colour? Is it the geometry?Is it energy or the feelings the author has projected on the silk? I am absolutely satisfied to have them, and delighted
when I am able to give one to someone special. 
Maite Alario
The meaning of colours
It stands for the body, earth and hell. The three of which meant the same in old religions and beliefs. Red means life,
strength, vigour and resistance. Its corresponding planet is Mars. The chakra is the first one. Red is beneficial in
circulation problems and anemia. It increases physical strength as well as energy in the struggle for life. It helps
fight depression and apathy. It stimulates the flux of CHI.
Is the colour of the sun and it stands for vitality, self control, whatever heat produces, connection with nature, youth,
good health and self confidence. It is the colour of the second chakra. Liking orange reflects an artistic nature.
People who like orange are very sociable and are able to relate successfully to different types of people. The energy
provided by this colour is very beneficial for colds, bronchitis, chronic bronchitis, kidney and bladder infections, and
any kind of haemorrhages.  
means good health, friendliness, finding it easy to learn, happiness, being receptive, intellectual development,
wisdom, creativity and strong character. The planet it stands for is Mercury. It is the energy of the third chakra.
Yellow can cure liver illnesses and haemorrhoids, gall bladder problems and gallstones, hepatitis and warts.
Yellow helps in changes, decision making by providing mental clarity.
Is the colour of healing, the colour of doctors. It has the vibration of growth, expansion and regaining youth.
The planet it stands for is Venus. It is the energy in the fourth chakra. Those who prefer green are people who
persevere to obtain their aims, they are good neighbours and parents, they love beauty and art. It symbolizes
harmony and peace. It calms nerves and inspires the spirit. Green cures digestive disorders such as gastritis and
stomach acidity, it is also good for when feeling sick. 
Symbolizes the sky, contemplation and prayer, spirituality, calmness, relaxation, emotional balance and peace.
Its planet is Jupiter, it is the energy in the fifth chakra. Due to its refreshing look it is very beneficial when there’s fever,
eczema, flu and any kind of infection in general.

Means happiness, good memory, communication, wish to Express creativity, contact, good concentration skills,
enthusiasm and the quest for harmony. Its planet is Uranus and it’s chakra is the sixth one. Its healing power can
be used for hypothyroidism, sciatica, skin problems, eczema and fever caused by gland infection. 
Is mystic, magic, spiritual, inspirational, tolerant as well as indicating people who like it are sensitive. It is the colour
of the seventh chakra and is ruled by Neptune. People who like purple have a very steady character, good mental
skills, they know how to reason, they have principles. It is the colour of artists, very creative people who enjoy life.
Purple helps with migraines, headaches, lumbago and asthma especially when combined with red. 
Is emptiness, light, perfection, virtue, temperance and integrity, innocence, neutrality, empathy, loyalty. Its planet is
the moon.
Wisdom, clarity, awareness, vitality and indicates a high level of spiritual development.
Harmony, happiness, conscience, openness, liking fun and games. It symbolically represents the focuses of
conscience of human evolution. It is the bridge between the sky and the earth, the link between spirit and matter.